I feel a bit like a man in a boat lost at sea for many years who finally sees the shoreline again. I started the photography bug hard in '96. Been through a lot of phases with a variety of gear and put down the film camera to pursue the digital domain (to which I learned how to print beyond ordinary darkroom basics) and came back to 120 MF as the only real means for getting the best IQ for the $$$. Have no idea why I ever left but it is indeed great to be using film again. I have several cameras including a Fotoman 6x12 with a 58XL which just slices and dices and a high end prepress (Screen Cezanne Elite) scanner which delivers 668mb 16 bit files (6x12 3200ppi) of quality besting most of the $$$$$ MF backs. I am delving into symbolic or conceptual art at this time (thanks to Jerry Uelsmann among the many others) which is where my head has always been. What a path of discovery the life of a photographer.