I've owned 2.8 Planar, 3.5 Planar Rolleiflex Fs. Its all true, the Planars are sharper. Stopped down both the Planars and Tessars are sharp. What doesn't show in the equation...is the character of the lens. When I'm not using my 5x7, my current favorite camera both handheld & on a tripod is a Rolleiflex T 3.5 Tessar from 1958. A new Maxwell screen & some love from Harry Fleenor, & i'd say it is probably better than it was in '58. I love the character of the Tessar lens. For any musicians in the crowd, it's like choosing an acoustic guitar because it is loud, without regard to its tonal attributes....then again I sold a very sharp Apo-Sironar S so I could buy some Dagors. So this is my subjective opinion. I think, if I were in your position, I would buy the cleanest,most affordable, one I could find & have Harry service it. My short answer is that t depends what you like, and great photos can be made with Planars or Tessars. If I shot color, I might be tempted by the Planars, but for B/W I prefer the contrast of the Tessars.