Got out of there without buying anything but three 4x5 film holders. Whew!

John, thanks for hosting our print sharing session yet again! Enjoyed seeing the work you did at the "building collector" down the block. =P

Bethe, I'm still thinking about that crazy burned out house and visiting the Allegheny Cemetery again. Here's the address for the Indian restaurant in Oakland.
Star of India 412 S. Craig Street Pittsburgh PA 15213
It's right by the Cathedral of Learning. You should check out Phipps Conservatory while you're there as well.

Dale, hope you keep working the flash into your photographs, you created some really interesting tonalities. I especially enjoyed the smaller 2x3 aspect ratio prints where you were meshing the foreground and background elements.

Jeff, thanks so much. I hope you enjoy the print! I'm looking forward to photographing together soon. I'd be happy to meet you or if you make it over this way I know all the best spots! =) I'll e-mail you my cell.