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The equipment:
3 speedlights
3 light stands ( 200cm, folds to 40-50cm 'est' )
Misc: grid spots, snoots, backup batteries, etc.

These are some options I'm considering,
but I'm very interested to know what you use to get your gear on location.
Keep in mind that I need to take public transport to get on location.
I NEVER carry the Light Stands, Booms, Umbrellas, or Softboxes,
in the same case I have my flashes / strobes.
I consider the stands, etc. Dead Weight !

Also, since I have ended up with multiple stands, soft boxes, etc.,
as well as 3 - 4 Different Lighting Kits, it becomes all to easy, to
have the stands, etc. packed with the WRONG Case.

So, basically to answer your question, all of my flash / strobe kits
are packed in well cushioned Pro wheeled cases; ( think Tamrac & Lowepro ),
Wheels are an absolute necessary due to the large weight of these cases,
when loaded, this is another reason, why I pack the stands, etc, separately.
[ I like the Tamrac 660 Rolling Studios & the Pelican PCS 104's.]

The stands, etc. can be thrown into tripod or grip cases.
If necessary the tripod or grip case can be bungeed to the roller case
for transport, but separated when being loaded into the car or van.

Also handle any background stands & accessories in a similar manner.

Finally, if you were able to pack everything into 1 case, the case would
be too big, ( think Tamrac 662 Rolling Studio ) & would be too heavy
to put into your car, or van.