Wow... 32 page thread...

I just ordered the 50 roll kit from Freestyle but was wondering how much working solution that would make (1 liter, 2 liter, etc). Does anyone know? It does not state that on the Freestyle site at

The reason that information is important to me is because I develop one of three ways: a.) 16 oz/500ml steel tank for 1 roll of 120 b.) 32 oz/1 liter steel tank for 2 rolls of 120 or c.) 6 sheets of 4x5 in the HP Combi tank that uses 1 liter.

Based on the Freestyle website I take the information to mean that 50 rolls of 35mm/36 exp OR 120 medium formal rolls can be developed with the kit. There is no mention of 4x5 sheets in an HP Combi tank.

I scanned most of the pages but didn't seem to find clear answers on the following:

1.) Anyone figure out a reasonable calculation for how many sheets of 4x5 can be developed in the HP Combi tank using 1 liter of working solution before dumping?

2.) The PDF instruction sheet on the Freestyle site says 6 rolls of 35mm/36 exp or 120 films per 500ml or working solution. Based on this thread that seems very conservative. Anyone have advice based on experience for a realistic number of 120 films per 500ml?

Excellent thread, thanks.