I have a 3200 since last month, love the thing. It runs usb2 also, which I'm told is faster than firewire, not that I'd know the difference. The Silverfast software is crap, I never mess with it. So is the idiot level WIA Epson software also included. The standard Epson 3200 option that shows in the Photoshop import menu works just fine.
I like the capability of scanning two 6 frame strips of 35mm film in one scoop, using the thumbnail option to find the frames. Do corrections on each frame as needed or set it all on auto and then you can tell it to scan and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes while it does a 3200 dpi scan of each frame sequentially. As I'm trying to archive all my old 35mm film this saves me a lot of time and handling.
It will do over a gig scan of a 4x5 neg. Unless you have a 9600 printer to go with it thats a bit of overkill.....
I just wish I could scan a 4 frame 6x6 strip like it does for 35mm. Not quite big enough.