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I'm thinking about getting a Rolleiflex, tessar- or planar- type f3.5 lens on a flexible budget.

When shooting wide open, is there a noticeable difference in (from your experience)
1) Center-resolution
2) Bokeh qualities (is one smoother than the other)

I'm thinking about a Rolleiflex MX-EVS or a Rolleiflex 3.5e because I've heard good thinks about both. If I do get one, I'd like it to be overhauled--where's a good place and what's the approximate price?
Each have their own look. I own Rolleiflexs with both, and for most things prefer the Tessar. It just has a certain look to it that I love. That particular camera was made during the war, in 1945, and those lenses are legendary. The Planar is a completely different look, although still has that Zeiss bokeh.

One advantage of the Tessars, is that they are usually Bay I, and the filters & accessories are very reasonable. The Planar is Bay II, and being larger physically, the same accessories are not only more expensive, but also harder to find.

I find the bokeh when shot wide open, to be softer with the Tessar, (more natural), but then I rarely use any lens wide open, except for portraits/head shots (etc). For landscapes I prefer a Tessar. Architectural, I use the Planar.

You'd just need to shoot each, and then decide which YOU prefer, based on your style of shooting. Everyone is different. Some people are loyal to certain car names, or brands, the same holds true for lenses.

I recently picked up a Rollei 35 Rangefinder made in Germany in 1969. It has the desirable Tessar collapsable lens, which produces amazing images. Still shooting my 2nd roll through it (color this time, in New England last month). I doubt it will disappoint at all.