Im getting ready to crank a bunch of 120 rolls and some 4x5 sheets in a HP Combi tank this week.

I don't know if my assumptions are right or not, but I am going to start with the assumptions that I can do at least 10 rolls of 120 with 500ml/16 oz.

I am making a rough guess that a sheet of 4x5 film is approximately equal to 4 frames of 6x6 120. In other words 2 4x5 sheets is equal to a roll of 120. Based on that assumption I am guessing I should be able to get 20 sheets per 500ml or 40 sheets per liter.

Based off of this thread I am guessing I may get a lot more, but I will use this logic as a starting place and then watch the results a lot closer.

Sending out my 4x5 sheets gets expensive really fast, so I am hopeful things go as planned!