I am the same. I have been a bit slow though off the mark for the updates as the cards have come in.

1. Trotkiller from round 20,
2. Brian Chambers from round 23

and from this round (so many hand written cards)

Mike Wilde - Another fabulous 3 pictures on old paper
Mooseontheloose - Sunrise over Bangan
Fotogys - The interior of the office. I went to another building "Kunsthaus Wien" Vienna several years ago and it was just like this picture, barely a right angle in the building!
Piu58 - Spectacular picture.
RST - Stehcafe. Such a robust photgraphic paper weight/density. I have several packets of the ADOX fine print, but I am yet to use it. This print shows me that I must.
Jim Rollinger - The Bean. Fantastic
markbarent - Concern. We have a DVD here at home that my 5 year old has almost worn the image off by watching so many times of the Durango and Silvertown railway, so when he saw this postcard He imediate words were this is the train off the TV!

Thanks everyone. All very special. Mine will go out at the end of the week.