Rudeofus ,

Yes , I want to create diffraction by the slits. I read a research at Philips Research where they were doing the same at television monitors for to create the all visible spectrums of the scene. Slits were calibrated with artificial muscles and the problem was high energy consumption. Thet had been published a paper which discuss the slit engineering but it is deleted from the web . I have to write them and request the same article.

I have the Autochrome dyes list and I contacted with Sigma to get the curves.

I have 3 plans : First , creating the slits , second creating a color positive and third creating a code at Photoshop Lab.

tjaded :

Thank you very much indeed. As you see , it will take a while to collect all information. Than there will be a need of creating the file. I will pm you by the way.

Thank you ,