I worked in the Color Photography Division on Ektacolor Paper, Gold 400, Ektaflex R and C, and several instant products. I had other work on processes and did work on CD6 for Ektachrome and Kodachrome. The latter two were very very minor as I was just a reporter of others work for the patents. I worked on emulsions doing scaling and modeling as well.

Grant was in the B&W division working on films, papers and developers including monobaths. He worked on the "instant" film used in the first spacecraft.

We were brought together by work on instant heat processable color film and paper. We published several papers internally and one paper externally on the process. During that time, I was asked to edit portions of his book. We were cautioned that nothing proprietary could come out and therefore the emulsion formula in his book is heavily edited and modified. My talk at the ICIS meeting in the 70 was also edited to omit some proprietary information.