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Yes , I want to create diffraction by the slits. I read a research at Philips Research where they were doing the same at television monitors for to create the all visible spectrums of the scene.
Just to be sure: in order to get significant diffraction you need line width somewhere in the order of the wavelength of the light you want to diffract. Are you 100% certain you can achieve this kind of line width with common photographic film? Remember, Tech Pan was supposedly 200 lp/mm, which means single line width of 2.5 Ám. Also note that laser beam width won't shrink much below the wavelength of its light.

All hope is not lost, though. Semiconductor manufacturers use special photo resist coating and UV masks to achieve structure width way below 1Ám. This is not going to be cheap though as far as I remember, but might work substantially better for your experiments if you can get the materials.