Some random comments about the Instax 210 Wide:

I've been using a Fuji Instax 210 camera now for a few months, and like the results. You have to take care to pay attention to the focus range prior to tripping the shutter (close-in or further away), and careful aiming through the viewfinder is important to ensure you get the composition you desire, especially for close-in subjects. It also helps to use the supplied close-up adapter lens and viewfinder thingie for really close subjects.

I've taken to using a little plastic 3x5 file card case, about 1" thick, to hold the prints after they are ejected from the camera. When out on the street, I'll take a shot, immediately put it in the case and not look at them until later, when I get to a stopping place like a coffee shop, where I can study the results in more detail. I also like the surprise factor.

The 16:9 aspect ratio I find takes some getting used to, as compared to the square format of Polaroid. I especially find it necessary to either step back to get the full height of an object, or shoot the subject in portrait mode, which to me doesn't appear to work as well in that aspect ratio as it does in formats closer to square.

The colors and quality of the prints are very good.

I haven't played much with flash, so can't speak to that, as I mainly use the 210 for street and urban landscape shooting.

The camera itself is odd looking, and perhaps could use some spontaneous decorations with stickers and what-not stuck on with a hot glue gun. Something to personalize it.

I do like the way the film cartridge loads flat into the back of the body, and the way it spits the prints out of the top slot.

I find ordering the 5-packs off of amazon yields about 80 cents per image, not too bad.