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Yeah, I want to know who gets custody of the Contax/Yashica lens mount
My guess is that Zeiss will find someone to produce C/Y and C645 lenses. I think the G mount is probably dead..I'd be very surprised to see anything new being produced for the G systems. (Given that I have all of the G lenses I want, this doesn't disturb me as much as it probably should.) I wonder if we'll see a glut of used equipment on the market, or if the used equipment will dry up. (KEH sold out every used G-series lens they had in stock when the original Kyocera-Europe release happened a few months ago...it'll be fun to check their site over the next few days to see if that happens again.)

I'm thinking that within a year of the end of the Kyocera deal, we'll see a Contax-branded camera with the old Contax mount. Probably exactly the same lenses as they're making for the new M-mount camera. Cosina seems the logical choice, as they're about the only camera company that's doing anything interesting with film cameras these days.

Of course, if you're Zeiss and you find yourself without the restrictions placed on you by the old Kyocera deal, would you be considering producing lenses for other lens mounts rather than bringing out another camera with the Contax name? Who wouldn't consider a Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 in a Nikon or Canon mount? (OK...I'm just dreaming now...)

(And if I was really dreaming, I'd be dreaming of LF Zeiss lenses. Now wouldn't that be fun? )