I have had this printed off for a few years, and it went a long way to helping me understand how the densitometer that was gifted to me can be used to the best effect.

I now use the denisitometer all the time when calibrating the response of out of date film that gets into my hands more often than not. I shoot a test negative in a Bowens Illumitran to standardize the exposure side of the film response characterization work.

If you want to extend your densitometrey beyond this Kodak offering for colour film work, I would suggest a mid 80's Koak publication called 'Copying and Duplication'.

It gets you geared up to fine tuning the corrective colour filtering at exposure and the optimal effective exposure speed for accurate response from duplicating films and internegative films.

The same techniques can be used to characterize the response of past date c-41 and e-6 films.

I use these techniques of testing in situations like to see if the 100' can of bulk 35mm film I bought on a whim at a camera swap show for $5 is worthwhile loading onto cassettes and shooting.