I just got 5 8x10" Ilfochrome prints from Lab-Ciba in Burbank, CA and I'm ecstatic!

These prints were from a 4x5" shot on EPP and the prints look like the slide. It's an exciting thing to hold these prints in my hand.

I recommend anyone to send Frank Green an email and get any special slides of yours preserved in Ilfochrome. The picture I had printed was a group shot to commeorate a special moment for my close friends, and so everyone's getting a copy. That comes to about $40 for a print with unrivalaed beauty and longevity.

Frank will make a mask if necessary for $5 and return it with your slide as well. All told, getting Ilfochrome prints is just as easy as sending your film out to be processed. Do it before it's no longer an option!

I say all this on my own volition and simply to share my positive experience with an Ilfochrome lab.