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Why is collodion so "glamour" recently?
I'm still waiting to see working collodion app for iPhone

Glamour!!! Yes!! We are going to see John Coffer on the cover of GQ! I simply feel its people reconnecting with the base of hand processed photography. Gaining understanding about how the images are really created, obtaining education over how to mix your own chemicals and how those chemical compounds act and react to render the image. I think that it is great that more people are gaining an interest in wet plate photography, it helps it evolve and change. The boundaries get pushed a little further by anyone new who comes in and sticks with it. Thats the hardest part people new to wet plate find that they have to over come. getting beyond all the steps that need to be taken to do wet plate. Learning something that is always changing and always challenging is very hard for some people.

There could never be an app that recreates a wet plate image, there are simply too many variables at play here. They way colors are rendered through the development and fixing varies in such a great way from artist to artist and chemical compound that it would be impossible to be able to make that happen without a great deal of time personally replacing colors to try and emulate a wet plate photograph. Many have tried through photoshop and there is yet to be one that is close to the real thing. The color spectrum is so far removed from what we see, that its hard for the minds eye to comprehend the conversions of tone and color from normal to wet plate produced.

There is a huge part that chance plays into every wet plate image, so that is also something that can not be recreated with ease. Non the less, I think it is great to see more people showing interest in one of the founding processes of photography. Mix that with albumen or a series of other long forgotten printing processes and you have some outstanding craftsmanship focused on turning out beautiful art work.