I'm revisiting this, because I'm again looking at buying it, if for no other reason than an early Christmas gift of shelf decor (although I have every intention of using it in the studio.)

I've been reading here: http://www.kilfitt.org/Cameras/Kowa.htm and also here: http://www.shutterbug.com/content/cl...-rollfilm-slrs and both sites quote common problems of stripped gears due to 'rough' handling. My question is, what is considered 'rough' handling? Normal use? A forceful wind? Playing soccer with it across the parking lot?

Also, I've read all of the responses here (more than once), and understand the inherent problem of continued parts and service. Ross Yerkes has been mentioned on this thread, and other random areas of the internet, but the one thing that seems to never be mentioned is his contact information. Does anyone know if in fact he is still servicing cameras, and how to contact him? I'd like to ask him a few questions about the cost of CLA's and such in case this setup needs it.