Nothing wrong with being the lowball guy...
EXAMPLE... I know an old fuzzy wuzzy that keeps offering his lint-covered Leica on ebay for thousands and it never sells, why who is going to buy a lint covered Leica for thousands from a guy that keeps taking it in an out of his damp old basement?

If this person is just going to put the Kowa away again, offer them a low but fair price, considering that it hasn't been used in so long and likely needs $200 in CLA.

I had a friend that offered me an F3 for $150 she hadn't used it in so long, I gave her $250 and we were all happy, and it was a risk, cause it sat in a dirty box for a decade and a half unused.

Just because you think the kit is worth $1500 in e-bay bucks doesn't mean any of it actually sells on e-bay either. I recognize the same cameras month after month on e-bay. A Sinar kit I offered $825 or on the bay two months ago, is now actually priced at $725?!? Glad he turned my $825 offer down in September.