This is a very timly topic for me to, as I am in the process of moving and designing my new darkroom. In my present one, due to archetectural problems my wet side is more dry then wet. I wasn't able to plumb the sink, so I jury rigged it which made for some interesting problems I hope to avoid this time.

I will be having 8 feet of sink space in my new lay-out. I am thinking of putting in two 4 foot ABS units, one shallow and one "convertable" with a deep sink on one side that is coverable to shallow when needed. Any comments good or bad on this arrangement? Also how many faucets should be put in? 2 one on each, 4 two on each...or separate hot and cold on each making for 8? Filter? temper? needed, not needed...right now I do not filter water and tempering is done in my Jobo processor. As far as drying goes, RC in a heat dryer, FB on screens built in under the dry side counter as you walk into the darkroom.

Further suggestions would be welcome as right now all I have to do is change drawings..once I start cutting it will be too late. And thanks for your imput.