If it's to be a Yashica body then yes the FR-I is the one I'm after. Reason being is I ultimately would want a Contax RTS, I just don't have the budget for one right now, but if I can start with the FR then work my way up to the RTS then that would be fun.

I hadn't considered other Contax bodies but the 167 sounds Similar to the FR. Ultimately I'm after a "semi-modern" metal bodied camera. All my Canon gear is well made but there is so much plastic involved it bothers me on some days. I just want to have a nice solid 35mm SLR to use on the street with my (you didn't hear this) digital cameras.

I also figured the Yashicas weren't as popular as older Nikon Fs or Canon Pro-grade FD.

I'm open to suggestions though!

- Abram