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I didn't realise that we were supposed to advise on progress, so apologies for that, Andy. I was going to print mine on Monday, but actually got them done today.

I must apologise again though, as I have managed to buy a fogged packet of paper from Vanbar, so my prints all have a dark blotch or two on the white margin. In the interests of getting them in on time, that will have to do. Anyway, they should be in the mail tomorrow.
Hey no need to advise on progress I just had not read anything to let me know if you were still in or not, nothing worse than the group finding out at the last minute that you'd forgotten and as such would pull the pin.

Also if you are not happy with the prints, let us all know. I am sure we would all prefer to know that the prints we get are the best from each of us. If we all know when problems occur, we all have the oportunity to accept or not delays in the return of prints. My thoughts anyway.

If you need some paper let me know what you need as I might have some. What I don't have is any graded papers.