Hello, sorry for a boring topic that's been done to death. I exposed what could have potentially been a very nice shot by 2 stops using Delta 400. A contrasty shot of an Indian bodybuilder by a bright barred gym window. It was at 1/500th instead of 1/125th. My intention was to dev in pyro, which for underexposure I know is a big no no. Gutted about not being able to use pyro because it would've made printing a great deal easier and would've resulted in a far nicer print. I was thinking of pushing it in XTOL or microphen by a little under 2 stops. I'm hesitant about doing so though because I'll have to sacrifice the other 11 shots on the roll and may end up increasing the contrast of an already contrasty scene, rendering it unprintable. Was wondering whether a semi-stand technique could come in with pushing. Any help would be great. Many thanks. Gareth