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Was it this site or rangefinder Forum that recently went through a migration to a new server? Maybe both?

Anyway, I keep getting either a blank page, or a 'problem connecting' message. I hope they get it sorted out soon.
This was APUG's server migration, unrelated. Our migration was a little bumpy but we're settled in now.

I feel for them, these things can usually be a nightmare behind the scenes. We've been stable pre-migration and should be ok on our new system. What I like about our new system is the infrastructure behind it, and that we can scale the system up within minutes. Data integrity and backups are something I spend a great deal of time on. We have over 4 different backup locations (including a web server at my home that runs and tests full APUG backups). I'm not sure who is running RFF these days, I'll be around tomorrow if they want to pick my brain about anything just tell them to ping me apug.org@gmail.com -I've been through my share of hosting and vbulletin disasters...