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I just got one recently, and though the first roll of film hasn't come out yet, I can definitely say it feels fantastic to shoot with it.

Having shot an F80 for almost a year I figured it's time to get more hands-on experience in terms of metering, focus etc.

The one thing about FE that bugs me is I can't see the meter clearly when the scene is dim/dark. Especially if the meter-scale side of my finder has a dark object while the rest is quite reasonably bright.

Since you guys have been shooting the FE for a while, would you say swapping the default K screen with K2 (from the FE2) would make it any easier to use? As I gather, it makes the finder bright and all you have to do is set a +0.5 compensation.

You'll see a slight but not dramatic increase in brightness. If anything, you might consider swapping the K screen for a matte B or matte+grid E screen. The split-image focus spot turns into a black hole with slower lenses and stop-down metering--really annoying for macro work when you check DOF.