Super idea. I would do the same if I had a couple instead of only one. In fact I used mine yesterday to document a mall conversion project going on in Annapolis. With the client's permission, I might be able to post a result or two.

The Koni Omega is as capable as any MF camera I've ever used. It is a little heavy but the unusual film transport is unique AFAIK. It takes film from the supply to take-up reel without touching any camera parts. The film is positioned to the film plane through a series of levers as the shutter release is pressed. It works great and so is the 6x7 format (IMHO). I use mine for general documentation and "street" scenes. Not handy for formal portraiture or still life pictures. The 90mm Hexanon lens is phenomenal with as little flare of any lens I've used. The 180 mm ain't bad either.