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Yes Chan, and we should also find out which lens he was using. Of course he can't do P or S with a non P or AF lens with CPU.
I would not rule out the meter as well. No indication from OP whether or not either matrix CW or spot was used.
So another thank you for your contributions.

My test roll E6 was shot on all 36 exp's in matrix metering, subsequently 12 series of A, P and M modes. Each P frame(total of 12) came out underexposed. All 24 A and M frames were OK.

I used all true nikon lenses(I own only 1 sigma 105mmf2.8): the first 23 frames a 28-80 f3.5-5.6 AFD zoom and all the rest a 75-300 f4.5-5.6 AF to rule out if this D thing is of any influence in P/S mode.

I checked P and S mode again in spot and matrix: dark subjects yield in opening aperture almost completely(f4,F3,5), very light subjects and same shutter speed dailed in yields in smaller aperture(F11,F16,f22), my conclusion is here: the camera is stopping down correctly.

Leaves the big differences in shutter speeds when compared to the F100 - all were almost half, thus underexposing a lot .The F100 is a trusty machine, never had any troubles with it.
So the shutter operation in S and P is not correct and needs checking or replacing I assume.

Any further thoughts from your side?