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I put 'rangefinder forum' in google search and then clicked 'Forums' and was able to go from there to the main page. But when I clicked the top heading 'Rangefinderforum.com Portal-Rangefinderforum' I still got the blank white page. So you can still get in through one of the other headings.
I did this trick. I can't actually get into a sub-forum or a thread, though...

RFF is probably a bit too heavy on the gear (4 Leica M subforums? Separate subforums for each mirrorless digital camera system?). There's also quite a bit of censorship (don't dare mention Occupy Wall Street, as the thread is quickly killed). I also think some of the mods there just like to post meaningless questions at least once a day just to drive traffic.

I found a website a couple of years ago called photopoo.com, which takes a swing at RFF. As a long-time member of RFF, I must say quite a bit of it is right on the money. .

Hopefully they're installing a pointless-wank filter.
That would be fantastic, hehe.