Some teleconverters are recommended for certain lenses. In other cases experimentation may be in order. I have used the 90-180/4.5 Vivitar Series 1 lens with a Konica Hexanon 2X with good results. At the 180 setting with the 2x you have 1:1 magnification. Some of the the teleconverters I have experimented with for close-up use include the Vivitar 2X Macro Focusing Teleconverter, the Panagor Auto Macro Converter, the Minolta 2X 300-S, The Canon FD 2X-A and 2X-B. I think my longest enlarging lens in the not-too-enormous size range is a 150/5.6 Rodagon. It appears to be a symmetrical lens but I find that with the rings and adapters I have on hand it's easier to use reversed. Two other telephoto lenses which are handy for close-up work are the 135/2.8 Vivitar Close Focusing, which goes to 1:2 and the 200/3 Vivitar Series 1, which focuses to four feet. I have had good luck using the Canon 200/4 FD SSC with extension.