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Oh and about the J12--I've heard that with FSU it's always a gamble and that Fedka is a much safer bet. Would a J12 from Fedka be safe or still wonky lens-to-lens?
A gamble.. it can be.. however, I have bought 10 or more FSU lens from several eBay sellers (all specialist FSU camera sellers) and have never had an issue. Obviously you get what you pay for, so don't expect a brand new Summicron for $50.

With LTM FSU lenses the general rule of thumb is the older ones are usually better quality. The Jupiter-3 is a lens that varies a lot.. in my experience the Jupiter-8 is the most consistently good and the Jupiter-12 is a solid little lens but you have to watch to for damage to the rear element and side paint (which is easy to fix with a little black paint).

I have also bought cameras with lenses from FEDKA, including a black J-12.. again all have been good and Yuri is a great guy to deal with.