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A few weeks ago, someone on the forum (I forgot who) mentioned Calypso Imaging in Santa Clara, CA. I am considering sending them a batch of Velvia to be processed. I would like to know if anyone has used them for processing E6 and whether they are a good company to do business with. I am concerned because their price is so much better than others in the industry; I just found out that Chromacolor, who I had been using is no longer in business.

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I own Calypso Imaging and the reason for our low prices are three fold:
1. Our Refrema Olympic dip & dunk E-6 processor is paid for.
2. As the film market shrinks we want to attract a steady volume of work all the way up until the time film vanishes.
3. We specialize in the Nature, Fine Art, Landscape and Travel markets. These folks still shoot mostly film which ties into our drum scanning, Lightjet and giclée printing services.

I will be glad to process & ship you a free roll or sheet of E-6 if you will send it to my attention.

We continue to process C-41 and our lowest film pricing is now availible as 24hour E-6 to any and all clients.


Joe levine
Calypso Imaging, Inc.
2002 Martin Ave.
Santa Clara, CA. 95050