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Lee, great shots. What film/dev combo did you use?
I've not had the shutter slide open - do you use the cable release version?
I have the shutter release with the cable device. I've been paying more attention to how I transport and case it up to help eliminate the shutter magically being open. Only happened once on this treck within two rolls of Across 100 film, developed in Diafine. It was partially open leaving a blur on one frame, but I believe the shutter was dragging when it closed and as I stuck my head in front of the camera I noticed it was still partially up. (probably a result of the cheap cable release from ebay)

Here is one more image from that day. I have some additional ones I am working on.

When reloading the film this time for future shots I set it to 6x9 format. So after next week's prediction of rain I hope to think wide.

Make it a great day, just get out and photograph something.