Hello all,

First of, I am not new to the forums as I have used it as a resource to get started with analog photography, this is however my first post.

I can start with a litle history of how I became interested in analog photography. It all happend a day in front of my computer,editing a photo from a wedding. I was unsatisfied and utterly bored of editing photos in PS, and I felt that the final photo never was really my work. I started to think about how it was done before the digital age, which again led to alot of google search about analog photography and developing. A few weeks later a nice old man sold me his Bronica GS-1 in mint condition(reminds me of me still owing him some norwegian brown cheese) via ebay. Weeks passed and finaly a note arrived that I had a package waiting at the local post office. The joy!

I started shoting some film, and a few weeks later developing equipment was ordered. First try was, well...lets say it was not good but the second roll came out just perfect. I can not describe the feeling. I had taken the photo without any hi-tech technology assitsting me, and I had developed the film my self. I had never felt so satisfied, even though it was far from beeeing a print

So here I am, a 31 year old man from Norway, deeply fasinated And eager to take this further. only difficulty I see is to have time to do this after time is spent at work, with family and other comitments, buy I am sure I will find some way

I like beeing able to read about other peoples experiences herr at apug, and in books related to the subject, but I wish the were some people/groups in my city(bergen) who had experience and was willing to teach a beginner like me.

Well that was a short story of how I ended up here, and hopefully I will be able to contribute with experience as time goes.

Kim mutikainen