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I was thinking that he could have some sort of tripod mounted to the wheelchair, and the waistlevel-equipped camera, with a cable release. If he has the strength/dexterity to wind on film manually, this might work fine.
Yeah, he's fine with fine motor control. It's just strength that's the problem. So he could hold things in his lap and move it to the rests on his chair. I'll bring along my tripod as well and see if he can use that. And I might pick up something like a cheap Gorilla Pod.

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In the UK the Disabled Photographer's Society is a charity that helps disabled photographers. You don't state where you are if in the UK contact them, or see if there's a similar association near you. You may get some ideas from their website as well.

People donate cameras and equipment to the UK society and they can help or advise with adaptations to help wheelchair users etc.

Thanks for that. I'll check it out. Looks like a good group.