Well nice to see some interest... and I received a PM also. I figure about a week and I will choose a victim.

Will - I understand, however if nobody worried about spending a couple hundered bucks to see if they liked a camera then there would never be threads debating the used of vinegar as a stop bath. I have other lenses, and if someone REALLY wanted to try one I might be persuaded to loan one out. And with the models of cameras I have, I cannot change backs mid-roll. Heck, there are only ten shots anyway. If one just has to change film types, waste some film. Much less valuable than one's time in the long run.

As far as cropping prints... I have a nice 8x10 print shot of downtown at night taken in the rain which I had hanging here at work. 6x7 negatives print very nicely on 8x10, so there was little cropping done. A lady here at work was looking at the print, cocked her head sideways a little, and held up a piece of paper to crop the print. Then she says "Oooh, this looks better.". I printed the negative at 16x20 and cut it square to crop like she was doing. Dry mounted & matted & framed it looks pretty darned good if I say so myself. I would not have thought of cutting it square, but it works well in this case.

Don't let the aspect ratio of the format limit your visualization of the print. I never thought much about prints other than what you could do on the "standard" paper sizes, which in small midwestern towns before the internet was strictly limited to 3 1/2 by something, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. Only after slowly reading "The Edge of Darkness" did I begin to notice squarish prints, and how well they work for some images.