I just received an otherwise nice Rolleiflex F 3.5 Planar. Upon very close inspection, I found what certainly seems to be a crack all the way across one of the inner elements of the taking lens.
The reflected image of a light source (lamp) is brightly magenta colored on one side of the break. Then, when I tilt the lens and the reflection (of the lamp) crosses the break line, it almost disappears to an extremely faint image. The camera body also has two dents on the same side, one on the plate surrounding the wind lever, and one on the black focusing panel cover. So this could be the result of an impact.
I haven't taken any pictures yet, and will try to get a repairperson's opinion on this asap. I know the lenses are matched, so both would have to be replaced together.
Has anyone here ever had this problem and had it fixed successfully ?
Meanwhile, do you think there is there any hope, or even any point to getting it repaired (and at what price) ?