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Thanks for the welcome Peter,

I plan on converting a storage room in the house to a darkroom, it is right next to the bathroom, so getting the plumbing done should not be to much work.
Been trying to figure out which enlarger to get for 6x7 B&W, but so far I am still uncertain. Not many in Norway selling enlargers it seems, even used ones. Might be that I buy a brand new one, upper limit about 1500 USD. I know I can can one hell of an enlarger used for that kind of money but then i have to buy it from overseas and I am sceptical about buying something like that unseen, packaged and sent by someone I do not know.

Hi Kim!

you must have a better idea of the situation in Norway, but here in Finland enlargers are often sold or even donated through local photography forums. I have not done any wet printing for 15 years myself (which is a shame!), but I would not think that you would have to invest so much money in getting started in it as there should still be plenty of school labs etc getting rid of their equipment...

Just my two pence!