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Sad to see it increase but aside from color sheet film (which IS awfully expensive no matter how you slice it and processing makes it more do unless you do it yourself) materials for photography aren't that expensive compared to many other hobbies. I lack for enough time for photography much more so than for affording materials
+1 to that.
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though I do sympathize with students and young adults as I well remember being in the opposite situation.
To be honest, when I was a young adult and a student, I had no access at all to any of these pro films. Cheap consumer film was what I got and what I could barely afford.

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What accounts for Kodak price hikes?
It must take a lot of imagination to think that Kodak might source some of its precursor materials internationally ...

To all, who complain about the "high" price of photographic materials: Given the current Dollar to Euro exchange rate: US$3.50 for a roll of Acros 120 is laughably cheap compared to what we pay here in Euroland. The cheapest offer I could find so far is equivalent to US$ 4, and it's more towards US$ 7 if I buy from the local brick and mortar shop here. And no, I did not notice any price hikes here recently. I could imagine that all these "price hikes" are just US prices adjusting to international prices after the Dollar has been very weak for quite a time now.