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Thanks for your reply, yes with regards to Handholding. The options seem large, Im now also researching the

Bessa R2A w/40mm f1.4 Nokton Classic

I currently have a Nikon F65 w/50mm f/1.4, so Im wondering if a rangefinder adn the above lens would give me much improvement in low light (i see to always be fighting to get near to 1/50 shutter to guarantee a sharp shot).
I generally do find that I can use much slower shutter speeds with a rangefinder than an SLR, if only because of the lack of mirror slap. I often set my RF to 1/15 in shutter mode and fire away. I get at least 75% of my photos sharp, and many of the ones that aren't are because there was more subject movement than I had thought.

this is in line with what others find with RF cameras, but I am trying to speak specifically for myself.

Finally, does anyone have experience with the Zeiss Ikon? Is this just another rebadged Bessa like the Rollei 35RF? How about the Hexar RF?
The Zeiss Ikon is a completely new M-mount camera, as far as I know.

One more question, I read in a FAQ that the Bessa's arnt as quiet as Leicas, but then even quieter than Leicas are Rangefinders with Leaf shutters.. who makes these?
I'm not sure anyone still makes a leaf-shutter based RF. There are many older cameras that have them - the Canonet cameras (I have a QLIII 17), the Minolta hi-matics, Olympus 35's, etc. My Canonet is very quiet, and I actually find the meter pretty good even in tough situations. If you want to get insanely quiet get a Kodak Retina IIa, but then you lose the meter.