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I appreciate the heads-up on this. I was looking at his book on amazon last night after reading this thread and saw that his section on masking was a listed as a single page in the table of contents. It can't be very informative if he only devotes one page to cover the topic while other people use entire chapters and even volumes to cover simpler techniques than masking.
It has a few paragraphs and a diagram, which gives the reader a bit of an overview on what masks are and what they might be used for. But if someone wants to get a real understanding of how masks work, the various applications, different types of masks and how to actually make them (materials, procedures etc), Barnbaum's book doesn't have any of that. Radeka's masking kit is excellent for this. And for selective masking, pencil shading etc, Alan Ross's selective masking kit tells you all about how to do that. And I might add when I had additional questions or thoughts on things to try, both Lynn Radeka and Alan Ross were very helpful and responsive by email. This is definitely a plus.