I have the 55/2.8 (AIS).
Very good lens for macro and normal use, sice the front element is buried somewhere in there there is almost no flare.
I have used it for some closeups, but I'd love to have a 200mm micro for getting 1:1 without having to be a few mm away.
It works very well for copying documents and technical pictures, I use it a lot with a digital camera (D70) for work here in the university for my research.

PS. Yes I remember World, I still have 7 years of that magazine (Hardbound per year) in my library, as a way to remember my childhood.

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Hey gang,
I just bought a used Nikkor 55mm Micro and PK-13 extension tube off eBay. I am so psyched: 1:1 macro photography. Does anyone else on APUG have experience with this lens or Nikon macro photography in general? Does anyone have the bellows attachmnet? Can you offer me some advice, etc.? Any links I should check out?
Ara Ghajanian

Just as a silly nostalgic side note: Does anyone remember that National Geographic publication for kids called "World"? (Yes, I grew up with National Geographic in the household... what a nerd.) On the back cover of every issue they had a feature called "What in the World?" which was basically extreme close up photos of every day objects and you had to guess what each one was. I was always inspired by that feature and now I want to try just that: extreme closeups of every day objects. Anyways... what a nerd.