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I have had two FE cameras. The build quality is impeccable, they are VERY solid. Many of the features included on them are pure genius, the MLU self-timer, the ability to time out impossibly long exposures, the multiple exposure lever, I could go on... But they have some faults. The film advance lever always poked me in the eye or hit me in the face, and you have to pull it out to fire the shutter. And the viewfinder is just too damn small. I can't tolerate the 92% viewing area. I now have a Nikon F with a full 100% coverage, and I never miss the FE. I also could never use the FE with my larger Nikkors, because the camera was just too unbalanced with them and it became a nightmare to shoot with.

However, if all I had was a tiny 50/1.8, I would definitely choose the FE as a walk-around camera.
Funny I alternate between my F and my FE. Perfect combo, indeed.