Good morning JDSanika;

The fellow who is offering to you a Minolta ROKKOR 1.7/85 lens for only $225, really is a friend. As LeicaRFCam and GuitStik have indicated, that is a very nice price for that lens, being about 50% of the more common selling prices we see. Even at this point in the Holiday Season, it is worth the investment. You will not be disappointed with its performance with portraits. The 1/2 f-stop over the f/2.0 version does help with getting the focus point right. Actually, I am pretty happy with both versions. The ROKKOR 2/85 is quite a bit lighter and handier. The ROKKOR 2.8/85 VariSoft is here also, but the ROKKOR 1.7/85 is the one I use most often.