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Well... The Summaron 35 with goggles does look incredibly cool!

Probably a PITA to mount, though.
Not at all.

Clicks on just as easy as any other lens without the goggles.

Regarding the OP's question: I'd take an M3 over a Nikon F anytime. Just posted the Nikon F as my most disappointing camera ever in another thread in this forum: it has nothing over the Nikkormat FTn. My Nikkormat FTn's are black with the early styled full metal lever (identical to the Nikon F), they have a meter in a much smaller finder, and a meter read-out on the top which makes them ideal companions for other camera's that have no meter. It's real easy to use them as a spotmeter wthout having to lift them to the eye.

The M3 is the summit of mechanical craftmanship. Maybe an Alpa or a Robot Royal 36 could compete, but I really cannot think of any other camera