My first batch of digibase arrived in the mail yesterday; the box was beaten around and there was a small amount of liquid in the protective bag (also a graduate was smashed - how rough do you have to be to a package labelled "Fragile" to smash a plastic tube?)

I suspect the stabiliser leaked as the bottle (100ml bottle, 2.5L kit) is about 80-90% full. Can't be sure if anything else has leaked or if the stabiliser has contaminated any other chemicals. Am I boned?

Seriously Rollei, if you're going to cut corners, don't do it on the bottle caps. Saved half a cent on bottle lids and possibly ruined the entire $100 shipment.

I've contacted Maco asking their advice, but MY advice to anyone reading this thread to get started is don't ship digibase. Local pick-up from a nearby store or buy something else.

ps, DHL can go to hell (hey, that rhymes! Might make that a new chant or something)