I was going to ask if abandoned buildings would be under the heading of Architecture , which is what an abandoned build is, or would they be found under Landscape, which is where abandoned buildings are customarily found. I suppose one could make an argument either way, but I'm finding a lot of posts on decrepit buildings here, under Architecture.

We have a large number of abandoned buildings here in Buckingham County, Virginia. I've always been fascinated by decrepit houses. They all have a history: who lived in it? what were their lives like? how did they make their living? were they happy or sad or in-between. And so on. I usually stay outside of the house unless I know for certain that it is structurally sound. Also, during the summer, old houses are the abodes of snakes and more frequently, yellow jackets and hornets, which you usually don't notice until it is way too late.

My camera of choice right now is a Yashica MAT 124G, which probably isn't the ideal camera for architecture, but I have yet to get a 150mm lens for my field camera. And black-and-white, of course. My biggest problem is finding something close enough to the road so I don't need to trespass. Many of these old houses are posted, but the owners aren't not easily found.

Anyway, thank you for reading. My best to everyone.