As Polyglot indicates , you can develop Ilford XP2 Film at CVS with color developers but the result is a BW Negative. there is also Kodaks BW film for C41 Color developers where C41 is your color negative film developer at CVS.

look at freestyle corporation ad at APUG , they can sell you this film online.

If you need lots of film , extremelly high quality and extremelly cheap , you can search from Hollywood California sellers who sell short cut movie BW Negative film for few cents for a roll. They sell it short end or short cut movie film term at google. You will need empty canisters which can be assemble disassemble.

All you need is xtol , rodinal , d76 , id 11 or HC110 powder or liquid developers , fixer, one small Paterson tank with reel , few measuring cups , thermometer and experience to roll the film inside of reel when its dark. You can try with developed films at light and learn the tricks

Dont afraid to ask every question in your mind.

If cvs uses a scanner before printing on to color paper , and if you have bw film at your hand , they must use BW preprogram to scan your bw negatives , if they use color scanning preprogram at your BW film , they would ruin it.

If you want bw prints , you can send your films to ilford england and they will print on real bw photographic paper.
There are also other bw printers and bw film developers at APUG ads.

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