Hi Jordanstar -

CGW is spot on.

Beginning last spring and through the Fall, i bought a RB Pro-S body w/WLF (EX+ cond. KEH) for $150, a Pro-S 120 back (eBay - EX. condition, but needed light seals) $40, a 180mm Sekor C (eBay - is in EX condition) $100 and a 65mm Sekor C w/*3* filters included (eBay and is in nearly NEW condition) for $200. Including shipping, it came in a bit over $500.

I learned about/knew what i was shopping for and waited, searched, waited some more and bought when i found a great deal. This was *last year*.

This year prices have exponentially increased and prices like the ones i got are simply not there. Your friend needs to either increase budget, decrease a lens/view-finder purchase or risk buying poorer condition gear.

I would've added a middle-length lens also, but my budget was ~$500 so the middle-ground lens became a "next year" lens. It's "next year" and i'm still not sure i need the middle focal length.