I will be placing an order for 8X10 Grade two and grade three Azo. If any of you would be interested in purchasing Azo in smaller then 100 sheet quantities, contact me. If enough interest exists I may consider buying this in a large quantity and splitting it out into smaller packages. (possibly 25 sheets per package). This is the premium paper for contact silver printing...there is no comparison in any silver paper. If you are interested in making the finest prints possible on a silver paper, this is it. The blacks are the most incredible that I have ever seen, you almost feel like you can reach into the black to your elbow. The highlights are delicious A very long scale paper. If you are presently shooting 4X5 and larger for silver then you will probably want grade three Azo. With the long scale of this paper, it requires a more contrasty negative. Consider that Bob Herbst (noted Pt-pd printer) has lately been printing on Azo in addition to his Pt-pd work.