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You CAN develop film to a given SBR, just as you can develop film to a given CI. Even if the film didn't recieve a full range of exposure, like in the case of low contrast scenes - say 3 or 4 SBR, or even scenes with no contrast, such as a blank sheet of film.

Or let me put it another way. OK, so you decide to "develop your film to a given CI", but after development you discover that the CI is different from the one to which you "developed your film."

OK, to what CI did you really develop your film? And is that question different than asking, "to what CI was your film developed"?

In my opinion the matter is really very simple. The statement "develop the film to a given CI, " which apparently exists in the literature, is improper and confusing use of the language. Or most charitably, an abbreviation assuming the reader would understand that what was really meant was that one should "develop for a time that would produce a given CI."